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Our Approach

The definition of cloud is different to every organization, and there is certainly no “one-size-fits-all” cloud solution. Why do you want to go there? What are your needs and the potential benefits? What are the obstacles? What are your barriers to getting there? Is the cloud secure? We can help you find the answers with a Cloud Enablement Assessment. It’s the first and most important step in your journey to the cloud.

We develop leading-edge e-commerce solutions, be it full-featured systems or specific modules, and integrates them into the rest of your corporate infrastructure. Extensive experience in designing, developing and maintaining corporate management systems enable us to ensure most comprehensive support of your e-commerce driven business.

Based on the business need, e-commerce model may be one of the following.

  • B2B: Business to Business Ecommerce
  • B2C: Business to Consumer Ecommerce
  • C2C: Consumer to Consumer Ecommerce
  • C2B: Consumer to Business Ecommerce
  • Government / Public Administration Ecommerce

Depending on the adopted e-commerce model the overall appearance and behaviour and user experience dramatically changed.

Why you need it to rollout e-commerce?

A new business may want to launch a new idea for a community and to provide a platform for social interactions of viewers.

Established business may want to enhance their sales channel or lead management.

Established business may want to enhance the customer experience and convince by launching portal.

Established business may want to optimized, automate and streamline their processes by rolling out e-commerce platform.

What is most important after rolling out the e-Commerce?

For any sales division of business most important is to retain the customer. Customer retention means the more goodwill and presence of brand and more satisfied customers and continues revenue stream.

Our offerings Ecommerce website

How to retain customers?

Every business goal is to acquire more customers and retain existing one. Pre-Sales and Post-Sales is two different activity in digital world, Pre-Sales can be done through digital marketing and promoting your products in digital world.

Post-Sales is the another truth which is backbone of business and many business missed out and as result lost of customer. Techazhon consulting team just not helps the business to design and develop the e-commerce portal but also advice to rollout and automate pre-sales and post-sales activities.